Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Apple iMovie Rant

One would think that getting
Video from your iPhone 4 into iMovie would be a snap; however, for the uninitiated it's a total nightmare.

You'd assume that it would simply be a matter of plugging in your phone, firing up iMovie, and importing the video directly - nope. In fact, what the procedure seems to be is that you import it into iPhoto, then re-import it from there into iMovie, which of course makes another copy of the video file. Can you drag and drop the video file between the two applications? No. Can you drag the video file from the iPhoto library in Finder? Nope - you can't even look at these files in finder directly without doing a work-around and accessing the file location from within iPhoto... and if you manage that, you still can't drag and drop the file to import.

Finally I discovered a way to get around this silliness. You open up the Image Capture application which recognizes your plugged-in iPhone contents and allows you to actually import video to a folder of your choosing. Then you can import it into iMovie from there... as a video file is clearly an image that I want to capture... not a series of images at 30fps that I have already captured. That just makes perfect sense and is totally intuitive - not.

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